After School Fitness

Cavekids Tribes – Children’s Group Fitness like you have never seen before!

Many years ago, Cavemen brought up Cavekids for the sole purpose of SURVIVING! To do this, they needed all the attributes of fitness (such as):


Cavekids Tribes is a new and exciting way for children in grades 3- 6 (7 to 11 years old) to train together in different activities (Speed & Agility, Strength Circuits, Boxing and Running games, etc), by using various equipment (Tyres, Agility Poles and ladders, whole body weight, etc.) to make them physically fitter.

Cavekids Tribes is a really enjoyable and challenging activity which is perfect to developing any child’s fitness for a specific sport or simply to encourage them to do more physical activity.

Tribes are currently at the following schools: Rashid School for Boys, EIS Meadows, DBS, Wellington International, EIS Jumeirah, Kings, Jebel Ali Primary and JESS Ranches.

Check your school extra curricular timetable and see if you can join a Tribe near you!

For further enquiries or to book, please contact the Cavekids Team.


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