Nutritional Analysis

These days the media bombards children with ‘expert’ views on foods to eat and those to avoid. Kids are constantly torn between advertising in the media to reach out for ‘bad’ foods and listening to what teachers or parents tell them at school and at home. Often, these teachers and parents are taught the basics (sometimes the wrong information) but are often not armed with the in-depth knowledge they need to instil life-long habits in the kids in the care.

Enter Cavekids Evolution and our Nutritional Coaching.

We educate kids with all the know-how they need to support and develop healthy, growing bodies and help them to understand why healthy choices are important. We use a state-of-the-art child-specific Body Composition Analysis machine that measures kids’ weight, BMI, muscle, protein, water content and more then delivers a cool written report they can take home along with tools and tips to make smart choices, set nutritional goals and to create healthy relationships with food. Additionally, the Cavekids team use various mental coaching techniques to empower, inspire and motivate kids to change their outlook on health, wellbeing and exercise so that they want to make more positive life choices.

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