Cavekids Tribes Competitions Days

Cavekids Tribes Competitions are held throughout the year to introduce some fun, healthy competition and to allow winning Tribes to taste sweet victory! Competition days are broken down into various challenges, such as:
  • Team Co-ordination Challenges: Tribes compete against each other with challenges involving ball skills, throwing, targeting and more!
  • Tribe Element Challenges: Individuals from each tribe compete against each other with challenges that focus on the various attributes of fitness such as strength, agility, speed and endurance
  • Team Building Physical Challenges: Tribes must work together to achieve a planned outcome with the final result being based on the journey (i.e. how they worked together) as well as the objective reached
  • Team Tribes Competition: An assault course relay involving every attribute of fitness. Tribes must work as a team to get around as quickly as they can.

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