Sport Related Fitness

Our Cavekids Evolution coaches are passionate about tackling issues (such as sedentary lifestyles, obesity, diabetes, etc.) head on, by encouraging children to become more active. We believe the more fun your kids have getting fit, the more they will want to continue and adopt healthy habits for life.

We help with overall weight management and/or improving every aspect of your kid’s fitness for their chosen sport, from strength & speed to co-ordination & balance. We aim to challenge, motivate and build every child’s self-esteem.

Children take part in indoor or outdoor activities, such as TRX, kayaking, speed, agility and whole body weight exercises (and more!) which helps motivate, reward and keep them reaching their goals. Your children can train on a 1-to-1, paired or small group basis, so they can train on their own, with a friend, or sibling.

Because we believe in nurturing the overall development of children, we help them to understand the importance of physical activity and the benefits it will bring them. They will learn how to warm up and cool down effectively and we will work with them to set short and long term goals.

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