Sports Mental Coaching

Would you like your child to know why they are great one day and lousy the next?

What about if they truly understood what stands in the way of the success they dream of?

Sport Mental Coaching combines elements of psychology, N.L.P. (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and personal development coaching. In essence, it is practical and positive sport psychology.   It involves learning and practicing mental skills that strengthen the ability to control thoughts, emotions and performance.

Our passion, to work with young athletes and sports people, is inspired by their commitment, enthusiasm and sheer determination to make something happen. We challenge young sports people and use many tools (such as the strength of imagery), to fine-tune their vision for their sport and performance.  We want all our child clients to learn what it is like to succeed and reach their full potential.

We also have extensive experience helping young sports teams realise their potential, work together as a unit, identify each others strengths and harness the importance of communicating with each other. Regardless of the sport or the level of play, we help small groups to overcome any obstacles such as bad play, unhealthy team dynamics or lack of confidence within individuals or each other.

If you would genuinely like your child to each the level of performance they are capable of, then please contact us!

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