Cavekids Fitness

“My daughter takes part in the Tribe sessions in her school and today and has come back excited about what Cavekids does. Sally isn’t a team sport girl at all and struggles a bit with co-ordination, confidence etc so for her to come home and be excited and enthused by the class, is amazing!” (Mariam – Mum)

Mind and Body Programme

“Aden has been working with us for the last 2 years and I can see a major improvement in my son’s confidence and ability to express himself through the language he uses. He excels in the sports he does with Aden, which has a great positive impact on his school and every day life. He was only able to run for 5 LONG minutes, but now he’s enjoying his 30 minute runs!” (Pascale – Mum)

“ xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx ” (AJ – age 10)

Cavekids Coaching

“I’ve got to be honest and I’m feeling really good these days. I feel like life is so much better. I appreciate all your help, and I’ve got a lot of support from my friends as I told them everything about my issues. I really look forward to our next session as I feel like I have so much to tell you!” (Kyle, age 19)

Big Kids Personal Training

“ xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx ” (Kay)

“ xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx ” (Lorraine)

Cavekids Camps

“Everything has been really superb about this week. Though If I had to pick one activity, it would be TRX. Every day I nag myself about good posture, and because of the exercises we do, I can already feel my core, posture and flexibility improve. Though I thoroughly enjoyed everything. So I thank you all for a fantastic week.” (Hollis, age 11)

“I liked boxing because it was something I didn’t learn before. What I enjoyed about it was taking all of your anger out and also knowing how to protect yourself if any trouble. However, I enjoyed working with the little ones, getting to know them and playing with them. It has taught me more leadership skills.” (Charlotte, age 13)

“I loved the camp! I loved how we were constantly running and there was not too much down time. I have improved greatly in many skills. It is the first time I have been this tired in a long time. I recommend it to anyone who has ever said the word ‘bored’ this summer, because at this camp there is no way you can be bored. THIS CAMP IS AWESOME. You’ll be exhausted by the time the camp is finished. You’ll be stronger and fit.” (Zubin, age 11)

“Wow! What a week. The activities have been amazing. From inspirational talks to martial arts, to swimming and golf. Cavekids has been the best camp I have been to. I have enjoyed being introduced to many new and exciting activities and having many new experiences. Surprisingly – I can now hit a golf ball! I would like to thank all of the instructors.“ (Max, age 11)

‘Coach the Coach’ Programme

“Scott has taken me through accelerated learning and ‘Coach the Coach’ programmes and has enabled me to improve my teaching and delivery style to wide range of my students from the recreational sports person, UFC Mixed Martial Arts Professionals to the elite ‘Master Level’ trainer. Scott’s interpersonal and unique approach to coaching truly puts the theoretical knowledge into immediate practical use. “

(Mark Mariani, April 2011), Former Marine Sergeant, Elite Security Force Specialist, Mixed Martial Artist and Master Level TRX Instructor

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