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Adult Coaching and Workshops – Calling all mums & dads!

Every parent is thrown into the deep end when embarking on their new roles as mums and dads and whether your kids are toddlers or teens, the same challenges are faced time and time again.

We at Cavekids Evolution, now bring you one-to-one coaching and workshops to arm you with the skills you need to face the day to day challenges that parenting brings, share ideas and minimise the dead ends that the joys of parenting brings!

A great parent goes far beyond knowing effective discipline strategies so the Cavekids team will combine self-development, education and a number of tried and tested theories to help you create the home environment you want. Informal, practical and interactive, every mum, dad or guardian goes away with ideas and tools that will be really transform their family.

What we don’t do is simply dish out advice. We know that every family is different so we work closely with you to understand what makes you tick and what makes your kids tick. We help you work out your own answers so you can slow down and start enjoying your children more.

Our Cavekids Parent Coach will:

  • work closely with you to understand where you and your kids are at
  • help you work out your own answers so you can enjoy your children more
  • arm you with the tools, techniques & ideas to take home and transform your family life
  • deal with everything from self-esteem to bullying, sibling rivalry to discipline, family values and conflict

Cavekids Coaching and Workshops cater for parents at all stages, including:

  • Pregnant mums and dads wanting to master the art of parenting pre-birth
  • Young parents wishing to establish their new roles
  • Parents entering the ‘terrible toddlers’ stage who could benefit with some expert support
  • Parents with teens who can never ever do anything right!

What can you expect from the workshops?

  • Ideas about parenting topics and how to make them fit for your family
  • A chance to hear and share good practice from other parents what they do in a non- judgmental and supportive setting
  • Hand outs to keep in case you forget what you’ve learnt
  • A sense of achievement that you have made some progress and taken action to make life better for your family and for yourself

Example topics covered:

  • Bullying – how do we support our children to cope with bullies throughout their lives?
  • How much television / computer is enough and what are they watching on screens of all types. Who’s in charge of the remote control?
  • Is sibling rivalry going on? How are you dealing with it? This special relationship lasts a lifetime and it’s not all bad. Focus on what’s great about siblings and rise above the fights and arguments.
  • How do children from toddlers to teens manage their friendships and how this impacts at home? Discover how to be a helpful parent when it comes to the ups and downs of children’s friendships.

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For further enquiries or to enquire about forthcoming workshops, please contact the Cavekids Team.

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